Hitting that SCARY learning curve – AGAIN!!

It’s all about the learning curve….

So for those of you who know me personally, you will know that most of my work time is taken up with the consultancy work that I do training Stock Market Students in conjunction with Marcus de Maria and the rest of the good people at Investment Mastery and then trading a private portfolio on the US markets.


For the last few years, I have also had a product called MOBIvation.com which is a text messaging  service for Aspiring Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and Investors. I felt that the trading and consultancy businesses were up to a manageable level and really felt that 2011 was the year to take the MOBIvation.com brand to a WHOLE – NOTHER – LEVEL! :-)

This was both a daunting and exciting challenge as I envisioned the next “learning curve” that I would be encountering. This is something I work so hard on with my trading clients and allowing them to understand just how important keeping focused during that learning curve was. It’s a time when you HAVE to keep your momentum high even though you are doing things way outside your comfort zones.learning-curve-2

The last learning curve I had encountered was early 2009….….when I set up the consultancy business after leaving the safety and security of the 9 to 5 and in all reality, it was much easier than the learning curve that I had encountered learning to trade, 2 years prior.

This was largely because with trading, you are learning a whole new language and whole new way of thinking and quite frankly, something that goes strongly against how most human beings are hard-wired. The business side was easier as I had worked in big commercial enterprises prior and so it was not completely foreign to me.

Learning to promote and online market my new business was going to be something completely new though. Again, it was a new way of thinking, selling and marketing – all through a medium that I had never sold or marketed through before.

I decided that I was going to follow my own advice and get through this learning curve as quickly as humanly possible and so I decided to appoint a mentor. This is something I completely believe in. After all, why spend years trying to re-invent the wheel? Just throw some money at it (ideally, someone else’s money ;-)) and get into your profitable time ASAP! :-)

Phill-Turner You know how they say “When the student is ready, the master will appear” ? Well, this is EXACTLY what happened  to me : Enter Phill Turner ! A man with years of experience in Internet marketing and a man who said to me “If I don’t  know the answer to your online marketing question, I have the number of someone who does, in my phone!” Well, I  was sold!

9 weeks later, under Phill’s guidance we have completely over-hauled the website and actually built a new strategy  around the marketing of it… In just 9 short weeks, we have increased our client base by 50% on what it was  originally. Not only are the numbers great but it’s the caliber of people that we have on board. All people who are  flying towards their goals at a rate of knots. All high aspiring people and if they are not already then “tomorrow’s  high fliers”.

In all honesty though, this learning curve has been very tough for me.

I have become HUGELY frustrated in some time frames. I have had  moments of self-doubt… I have even asked myself how badly I want it.

But in all honesty, I really think that I needed to go through this to firstly put my feet back on the ground and then also to give me a great reminder of exactly what my clients are going through and, as ever, if I can re-experiance that learning curve, I am back in more of a position to help them move forward.

When you are going through a learning curve, the greatest asset that you can use is your focus. If you keep your focus on what you are doing, like a laser beam, you will get through it a lot quicker than if that focus is all over the place :-)

Keep your PHocus and above all, keep moving PHorward 😉

To your Health, Wealth and Happiness.



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